We Quickly Help You Resolve A Small Claims Dispute, Saving You Time For The Things That Really Matter

We help you create resolution in a fast and efficient process through mediation

You want to resolve your claim, but there are problems…

You want to resolve your claim, but there are problems…

  • Debt collectors are expensive and leave a bad impression on the customer
  • I don’t want my name or company to appear in a public record
  • I need to find a system to collect debt to save me time and money
  • I want to settle with my creditor, but they won’t negotiate with me


We offer a fast and efficient resolution process

We offer a fast and efficient resolution process

Our goal is scheduling mediation within a week of the consent of both parties.

Who has the time to wait weeks and go downtown to the courthouse?


At Genesis Small Claims we have helped hundreds of people resolve disputes. We treat people as humans and understand each side of a conflict.

The Plan To Resolve Your Claim

Step 1

Get info and see if we are a good fit

We offer a FREE 15-Minute phone consultation.

Step 2

We listen to both sides and mediate a settlement agreement.

Step 3

You save time and money, getting back to the things that really matter.

How It Works

We accept claims that are $1000-$30,000 and can help with larger settlements as well.

Phone consultation

Are we a good fit? If so, then we contact the other party.

schedule an appointment

If the other party agrees, then we schedule a mediation appointment.

submit documents

Each party submits a narrative summary and any supporting documents.

Your appointment

On the day of mediation, the mediator hears from both parties and helps you resolve the matter.

Upon resolution, parties must immediately pay the agreed upon settlement amount.

Memorandum of understanding

The mediator drafts a Memorandum of Understanding to memorialize the agreement.

You both sign electronically.

back to what matters

The process is simple, easy, and fast.

You get back to what matters.



  • $499 is split between both parties
  • If your case is above $30,000, please contact us

Call For a FREE 15-Minute Consultation

Common Questions

How Much Does This Cost?

It costs $499, plus a $100 deposit for the initial intake and time to get the other party to the table.

How Long Will This Take?

Our goal is scheduling mediation within a week of the consent of both parties. However, we cannot control the schedules of each party. 

What Types Of Cases Do You Mediate?

We mediate cases from $1,000 to $30,000. If you claim is higher than $30,000, contact us on how mediation can help you resolve a more complex and higher settlement. 

Is The Process Legally Binding?

You recieve a legally binding Memorandum of Understanding. If you need to submit papers to your local small claims court, we can assist you for a discounted rate. 

Can I Get My Money And When?

In order to participate, parties must come with the table with money in hand for settlement. Funds will be transferred immediately after resolution. 

Why Is This Process Better Than Small Claims?

Our process is far more expedient and allows parties to resolve this issue without a public record in court. 

How Can I Guarantee My Payment Will Show That I Payed The Debt?

You will receive a Memorandum of Understanding stating you have paid the debt. We will keep a record of payment to demonstrate settlement. You should keep a record of the transaction as well. 

Begin The Journey To Resolving Your Claim And Enjoying Peace